5 Common Wine Processes

As many newcomer wine drinkers come to know, there are shelf full and aisles filled with variety of wine selections. The possibility are endless. If you plan to learn more about wine or would like to learn more about it, you’re at the right place!

Here are the 5 Most Common Wine Making Processess:

  • The Harvest Date
  • Crushing or Pressing the Grapes
  • Fermentation
  • Aging in Oak or Steel Tanks
  • Bottling the wine
  1. The Harvest Date

    (Mattson, 2018)

    Fruits are the main component to wine making and the most commonly used fruit are grapes. Grape vineyards can be picked either by day or night. Choosing to pick grapes by a certain time will determine the acidity of the wine. Therefore, picking by night allows fruits to have stable sugar levels prior to being crushed.
  2. Crushing or Pressing the Grapes


    The next process in the grapes journey is being crushed or pressed. Grape crushing or pressing has been a century old process commonly done by man. As new developments came, wine crushing was then ventured to machine. Man and machine crushing and pressing continue to be done today. Both wine crushing for red and white wine are essentially the same.
  3. Fermentation

    (Casertano, 2016)

    Wine fermentation converts the sugar into alcohol and creates dry wine. The process takes anywhere from 10 days to possibly over a month. When the fermentation process is stopped prior to all the sugar turning to alcohol the result is sweet wine.
  4. Aging in Oak or Steel Tanks

    (Oak Wine, 2020)

    After the fermentation process, the wine is transferred into oak barrels or steel tanks to enhance its flavor. The difference between the two is oak increases it’s exposure to oxygen where as steel tanks decreases it’s exposure to oxygen. Wine aging can be between a month to years.
  5. Bottle the wine

    (Wine Bottling, 2018)

    The last step of the wine making process is bottling the wine. When the winemaker believes the wine has reached its potential it’s bottled up into glass bottles. Viola!

Ready to put your knowledge into practice?

About the Author

Previously an amateur wine drinker, now turned freelance writer of all things wine. Stephanie has spent extensive time venturing foreign and local vineyards learning new methods of wine processes and pairing wine varieties with meals. Co-owner of Delicious Winery.


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